Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I have big plans

Due to the large number of papers and absurd flock of quizzes I seem to be ploughing through these days, my poor knitting is suffering.
I am starting to doubt that I am going to make this so-called "December 25th deadline" everyone seems to be chattering about.
Since I have no actual knitting to show, I shall show you what is GOING to be knit.

About two weeks ago, I took my little car over the bridge and bought this.

From here.

To make this.

All this Christmas knitting is making me greedy. I want to actually keep something that I knit holy smokes! Don't count on seeing this cast on though for... quite some time.
I'll let you know when the day comes.

Oh, and before I forget.
Do you have any idea who I am going to be eating cheese and sipping wine with on sunday?
Here's a hint.

Well aren't I posh?


Monika said...

Lucky girl! Hope the wine and cheese will be delicious as well as the conversations!

emmms said...

That's so pretty! I like the wool you've chosen for it, too.. Debbie Bliss cheese and wine, eh? Very lucky girl!

tara said...

lucky girl indeed! can't wait to read about your (gasp) debbie bliss encounter!

Anonymous said...

oh're always inspiring me...just put in an order for some Opal...hope it gets here soon.
MJC xo