Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Goliath? I Have Your Sock

Driving back from Collingwood two weekends ago, I was sitting in the passenger seat knitting away and enjoying the lovely scenery. (I had a gift certificate to this place, and finally got to use it. Even if you aren't lucky enough to have a gift certificate, you must go now. Or at least add it to your Christmas list!) Seemingly, I was enjoying my knitting so much, that I neglected to look down the entire time we were cruising and I found myself with a massive sock.

Not just a 'Whoa! That's a big sock! Maybe I can get my brother to shimmy it up his foot and make it work!' sock.

More like a 'Holy smokes. Where's Goliath when you need him?' kind of sock.

I looked online to see what this sock measurement equals in terms of men's shoe sizes.

Apparently, it's a size men's US 14.5.

Is it just me...

 Yarn- Mountain Colors Crazy Foot

Or am I the only one blushing here?

That sock looks a little obscene if you ask me.


craftedlandscape said...

You just made my day! I love that you do this too! Sometimes a toe is just too much work at the time! Totally understand!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Lynn. It will make a great Christmas stocking, don't you think?

Nadja said...

Hahaha! I love the colours, though!

Phyllis said...

Scott wears size 14 shoes!!!!!