Tuesday, August 30, 2011

These Aren't My Colours But...

I'm going grey.

My Mom (who doesn't colour her hair for those that don't know) has said many times over that once you go grey, the colours you wear change dramatically from the ones you wore when you were young and well... not grey.

I remember my Mom wearing more soft yellow and peach than you could shake a stick at when I was a child. Now, if that colour gets near her, she looks like death (sorry Mom). She's a charcoal and deep purple kinda girl now.

Perhaps I'll head in the other direction? I have spent my youth wearing rich jewel tones and dark greys, now I'm headed towards those soft pastel colours.

While I am not grey enough at this point to make the switch entirely, I suppose you could say that I am just 'prepping my wardrobe' for the future.

Saturday afternoons at the shop are the absolute worst time for inspiration. And I mean that in a good way... We are closed Sunday and Monday and panic sets in at about 2:30 each Saturday afternoon when I know that I will be away from that 'house full of yarn' for two whole days. I always (and I mean always) wind up a skein or two to take with me to get me through the weekend (just in case I knit through everything I have at home in those two days- you know?).

This scarf has been super popular around the shop for a while now, and while I had my eye on some yarn that I wanted to try it out in, I refrained. It looked to be a rather time consuming project for something in colours I don't wear...

But one Saturday afternoon about a month and a half ago, I was weak.

And I wound.


The end result?

A linen stitch scarf in feminine greens and soft pinks that drapes like a dream.

Will I wear it much? Oh yeah.

But not for maybe another year or two.

Then I'll really be grey.

Yarn? Staccato by Shibui in shades (left to right) Poodle Skirt, Spring Garden and Twin Set
Needles? 4 mm, 80 cm circular

I've taken pictures of this rose in years gone by.

And here she is again.


Almost as happy as me to see scarf weather just around the corner.