Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Like I've Become A Member Of Some Exclusive Club Or Something

You know what this is.


If not, click here.

And here.


I was given one. I'm in. I'm somebody special.

You heard me.


Or... that's how I feel anyway.

My Mom and Grandma made the trip up to North Bay to visit 'Cousin/Aunt Lynn' and 'Aunt Helen' this week, and brought this back for me.

I guess the next trip to North Bay, I'm going to have to join in. We'll pick up another wreath and whomever the inteded recipient is, they must join us three ladies on the next voyage up north.

You see how this works?

Who would be up for a road trip in the near-ish future? (It seems to not take her as long as it would certainly take me to make one of these).

I feel so lucky it hurts my everything.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear North Bay Knitter and North Bay Wreath-Assembler (that would be Aunt Helen and Aunt Lynn, respectively).

In other news...

Peaches are ready!


Monika said...

How very cute, and what a lovely gift! The patience one needs for that, wow!