Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wooly Wedding

I have a very dear friend who is a very amazing florist (check it!) and she cruises wedding/flower blogs the way I cruise knitting blogs.

During one of her blog sessions, she stumbled upon this wedding held in Denver and naturally... thought of me.

I naturally thought of you.

While I don't want to start any rumours here... (there is no wedding in my near future if you're wondering), Isn't this just perfect? Yarn-y flowers, wooly centerpieces and crocheted candles?

HELLO! Nuts to getting married. I think I'll just throw a yarn-themed party! I can't wait a minute longer!

Check out the original post here.

And to those of you who are planning a wedding- may wool find it's way into your special day.



Anonymous said...

I follow this blog and saw this too! Oh so much inspiration. I won't say too much but a few of those were already in my (oops OUR) wedding plans - I assumed these designers have been reading thetwentiesroar and got their inspiration from me!