Friday, April 22, 2011

Colourful Zigs and Zags

It's Good Friday... and how 'good' it is! And that's becaaaaause... I finished a project that has been 'on-the-go' for almost a year now (admittedly, it took a 'time out' on my basement floor for a number of months... but no matter- it's done!

Doesn't it just feel SO darned good to finish something? Especially because now, I can go downstairs and cast on about fourteen new projects (did you not know that's how it works in my house?).

This started out as a store sample last summer when my Mom and I fell in love with it on the back of a Sandnesgarn Mandarin Baby book (so no, I can't take credit for the colour scheme, as much as I would love to).

Since I tend to crochet a touch more than my Mom does, I was elected to make it for the shop.

Now that it's all said and done (and ends woven in), it almost makes me want to go out and get myself pregnant.

BUT, I won't. I'll hold off.

It's just that... I absolutely adore this blanket. And I want to carry it around with me everywhere I go. If I were to just carry around a blanket however, people might whisper. If I had a baby in my arms however, they would gush over the baby and (hopefully) the blanket. (I'm just so selfish... aren't I?)

Stairway to Crochet 

Deeeetaaaails (ugh details?) Just kidding. I love details.

Pattern- Crocheted Zig Zag Blanket from Sandnesgarn Mandarin Baby book 0906
Hook Size- 3 mm
Yarn- 10 balls of Mandarin Petit cotton in the following colours
Pink (4505)- 2 balls

Ecru (1002)- 2 balls
Pale Pink (4301)- 1 ball
Yellow (2003)- 1 ball
Orange (2708)- 1 ball
Light Green (8514)- 1 ball
Green (8143)- 1 ball
Teal (6855)- 1 ball

Buuuuut... to make your life easier, we just might have kits at the shop. (Awwwww yeeeeeah).

Reasons to love?

It's light and airy, but little baby fingers won't get caught in the zigs and zags.

It's also massively huge and will work wonderfully as a crib blanket (or so I'm told by all the baby mamas out there) coming in at a whopping 37" x 40".

It's 100% cotton, making it breathable, washable and au so naturelle...

It also left me with enough little bits and pieces of yarn to leave my neighbourhood birds a little Easter treat for their dwellings.

And as for my dwelling, I have a co-ordinating wreath.

Joyeuses Paques everyone!


Meghan Chapman said...

Cute stuff! Perfect easter colours, you finished just in time!

Anonymous said...

that is the very picture of stripey pink goodness!


Anonymous said...

It's very sweet. Great idea to leave some cotton threads out for the birds' nests - I'll do that today to help out my local robins. Happy Easter to you as well.