Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morning Has Broken

So dear readers, I present to you the shawl/scarf/wrap that I had originally intended to present to you last week but I was happily distracted by Kersti's handy-work. (Note- it's the same blasted denim shirt).

Last December, a dear friend of mine sifted through my queue on Ravelry and 'gifted' me this pattern (I didn't even know you could do that! Did you?) I logged on one brisk morning and there was a happy message waiting for me that said, "You have been gifted this pattern!" Oh the sweetness... How fun! I can't thank her enough.

While I was bustling around the shop recently, I stopped dead in my tracks and decided that I had to cast on my gifted pattern, in this yarn. We have been stocking this yarn for about three years now (meaning to say that it isn't exactly 'new'), but for some insane reason, it's taken me this long to cast something on with it.

Now that I have knit with it I wonder where exactly I score on the 'lunatic-scale'. What took me so long!?!?!?

Every stitch was a pleasure and every row, a treat.

The yarn? Shibui Sock.
Four skeins total.
Two skeins of the shade 'Honey' and two skeins of the shade 'Peacock' (which appears to be discontinued judging by the current online shadecard- WAAA!).

This is all that I had left.

The pattern?
Daybreak by Stephen West (available for purchase online).
I made the largest version but ran out of golden-honey yarn so I was unable to complete all of the 'ridges' at the edge of this shawl.
I'd say that the size is more-than-sufficient however.

3.25mm 80 cm Chiagoo circular needles.
I doooo love those Chiagoos.
The pattern calls for 3.5mm needles, and I found this set hanging out with all of my other 3.5mms... It wasn't until I was well into this project that I discovered I was in fact using smaller needles than called for.

Ah well.

Nobody got hurt.

And even if they did- Spring is here.

So buck up.