Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staying Out of Trouble While Staying Warm

Just like the title of this post says- I'm staying out of trouble while staying warm (it's not short weather just yet people...)

I have been busying myself with lots of knits and purls. I promised to show you some knitting. I just thank the heavens above that I didn't promise finished projects. Because I got NOTHING.

Nothing but some brightly coloured new Noro Silk Garden Lite that is almost the front of a sweater. (I apparently knit the colour pink at warp speed).

Noro Silk Garden Lite, Shade 2038

And there has been some bright green to celebrate the first few hours of Spring. Speaking of this green sweater, remember when my knitting attacked? Well I fought back, and I almost have a sweater to brag about.

Which will be brag-worthy not because of it's quality workmanship (OH no...), but because it's DONE.

And my garden? I may have told some little white lies last we spoke.

This is more like it...


Anonymous said...

oooh that noro. makes. me. dizzy. with. aaaanticipation.


Anonymous said...

That Noro is fabulous! As for the garden, about like mine. Except that the squirrels have already been nibblings at the tulip bulbs. Sigh.

Flo M. said...

As always Noro is tops !!!

Are there no knit classes for the s


Lyn,it is my birthday month I will

be in on Tuesday. Flo Martin