Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Knitting Here Because...

I have been really busy in my garden.

I'm pretty happy with how my tulips are looking. They frame my hedge just so beautifully.

This bed of bulbs is almost to my liking- could have been a little more densely populated if you ask me, but the smell is so outstanding that I think I can find it in my heart to forgive. (Better luck next year bulbs).

And this year I also decided to cover my retaining wall out of kalanchoe. I mean... why not? It's been done before, hasn't it?

More knitting to show off in the coming days- I promise. I just wanted to assure you all that I haven't just been lazing around, I have simply been 'keeping my knees dirty'.

For those of you looking for a little inspiration of the gardening type, this is the week to head down HERE.

Spring is almost here my pretties. Almost here... So get out in that garden of yours (and cast on some cotton while you're at it).

There's nothing quite like a stylish gardener... (or knitter!)


Anonymous said...

You sure your dad wasn't a guest blogger? You have been at Canada Blooms!! I found my tulips this evening, OUT of the garden and nibbled on by pesky little (or fat) squirrels! Next year, I plant daffodils.

Meghan Chapman said...

are you shitting me? Are these lowers really in your garden right now? I haven't seen a single flower yet.

I am jealous if these beauties are really in your garden!

Anonymous said...

is your garden a GREEN HOUSE?? How come they come out so early!?!

but they are just gorgeous, and I love the colors of them. :)

Great work!

hey, Lynn, I am back,... and will visit you soon at your store!