Monday, February 08, 2010

Who Me? I'm Just Getting Warmed Up.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

It's less than one week before the Vancouver 2010 Olympics kick off. Did you miss the memo?


Hours of time will be spent sitting glued to our televisions watching women play hockey, men shoot down little hills on tobaggans the size of cell phones, boys and girls will be twirling around in lovely outfits with skates on ice... think of the knitting one could accomplish!

This wee photo captures my grand plans.

I want to make the sweater on the right... but with a bang trim and coloured contacts, I intend to look like the one on the left. (Who doesn't want to look like a Norwegian Olympic skiier/model?)

Not following? Not only are the Olympics about athletes from across this giant planet coming together to compete in their chosen sport, but it's also about knitters everywhere casting on during the opening ceremonies. Whatever it is they plan on casting on, they had also better plan on casting off by the time the closing ceremonies wrap. Some even plan on having it all sewn together and on their body by the time the closing ceremonies end!
As for me... I'm being realistic here. In a perfect world, I would have it on my body, but I would also probably have carpal tunnel and be suffering from severe fatigue.

I like to think I'll at least have all of the pieces knit, just not sewn together... HILARIOUS THOUGHT LYNN! I think that if I even get through the sleeves alone that will be a huge feat for me.
HECK! Knitting on only one project for two weeks STRAIGHT will be a huge feat for me!

So, the 'rules' indicate that you can 'warm up'- which I've done. You can swatch, and since I sort of don't love swatches (despite my recent success with them), I did a headband instead.
I figure that if the headband fits my head- the sweater will TOTALLY fit my body.

You have just GOTS to stretch. No one likes a pulled hamstring.

Babies, I'm going for the gold (or at least a new sweater to match my headband).

The sweater deets?
Yarn? Sandnesgarn Smart (in the same colours they are using- because I'm feeling boring like that)
Uhmmm... I don't have anymore details for you because I haven't knit it yet.

If you are interested in reading further regarding the knitting Olympics- click HERE. It sums it all up rather nicely.
See you at the opening ceremonies!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Lynn. I am trying a fancy scarf, involving up to 6 needles at a time. No swatching involved (thankfully), and I'll be happy if I have not knit myself into a knot by the end! Go Canada (and knitters) Go !!!!!