Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sideways Teddy Bears

Today is one of those days that this knitter loves- especially on her day off. As much as I love sunny days and warm weather, when it's rainy and chilly out, it means I can stay home and knit. I bailed on my frisbee game in the city, and opted for an afternoon of tea and yarn instead.
Who could blame me?

As a result- I finished TWO whole projects.
You heard me.

I shall happily share with you one.
I can't show you everything all at once.
Well... that and, I have to block the other one still.

First off, let me warn you that this post is a really good indication of how poor my computer skills are. I popped these pictures onto my mom's Mac, and for the life of me can't seem to figure out how to rotate the dumb things. I'm seriously inept. Apologies for making you strain your neck.

Here is, a sideways teddy bear, modeling for me.

Isn't he precious? I'm not even really a 'teddy bear' kinda person, but I'd buy him off a shelf. Fuh sure.

The sweater is off of Garnstudio's website. Pattern # 14-27. When in Scandinavia this summer, no joke- at least 2/3 of the dozen yarn shops we went into had this sample knit up. I had to do it. I love garter stitch, I love short rows, I love Scandinavian yarn shops and I love this little coat. I love it so much that I actually finished it.

The yarn is just what they called for- Drops Alpaca.
Four balls total.
And the needles? I went up from a 2.5 mm to a 3 mm.
I'm such a rebel.

And the buttons? They're from the store. Not going to lie... they're my favorite buttons in the whole place. I had to snatch a few up before they disappear.

Off I go.
It's still raining.
Think I can finish a third?
The day is young.


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Love it! I remember sawing you knitting it and you told me it was such a hit at Europe! The colour comnbo is lovely and loving your cute model too. :P
It's rainy and flurring this week...I guess you will have lots to show!
p.s. Do you have more of the Miski 100% Baby Llama in stock? I'm running out and I need probably 2 more skeins. It's a turquoise colour and the tag said Shade: 104, Dyelot: 73896. I will come pick it up on Sat. Thanks in advance! You're the best!!!