Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Colour Anyone?

Come on now- I mean REALLY! Don't you just want to dive into this collection of colour?
I do. So that's why I'm posting this. Just to be sure I'm not alone.

What is it? Cadenza. 70% merino, 30% silk.

I started knitting this feather and fan shawl out of the blindingly-bright purple shade and I just keep putting it down, walking a few feet away and admiring it from afar.

Even if feather and fan isn't your thing... wouldn't you need to take a couple deep breaths every few rows?
Holy cow.


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous. I saw it in person, and now you're trying to enable me by posting it. I'll be in soon......

Monika said...

You are right! This is lovely yarn, so many wonderful shades. You picked a nice one for your feather & fan shawl, a stitch BTW, which I love!