Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shades of Purple

and alpaca baby sweaters. We love both.

I didn't knit this... Kersti did! And it's loooovely. A nice little jacket for a wee one. It's got a nice weight to it and is as cozy as can be (or so I would imagine if I had one on myself). I think it's perfect for a nice fall day stroll. Hard to think about when the weather is finally being so agreeable, but we knitters must think of these sorts of things- no matter what the weather. We know that chilly air will roll around again someday. We must be prepared.

Button shot.

The yarn? Frog Tree Alpaca Sport weight knit double throughout.
The pattern? Mac and Me pattern #046.

We brought this sweater to the Knitter's Frolic and it was loved lots.
And have you heard the story of Frog Tree Alpaca? I will spare you details now but click on the link if you're interested. All I'll say is it's fair trade, it's alpaca and it's from Bolivia. What's not to love?


Craftlover said...

Oh, I love this sweater, not to mention about this cute simple pattern, the purple color just attracts me !
I think it should look good on my little Erika. :)