Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dyeing on a Monday

That's right. We dyed wool this past Monday. What a heavenly way to spend an afternoon. I can't express that enough. We thought we'd do some 'test skeins' in preparations for the dyeing workshop we're having at the store in July. OH! It was far too much fun. The best kind of 'testing' I could ever dream of.

The photos speak for themselves... but I'll give you some wee descriptions just in case.

My merino/angora blend patiently posing for me.

Christine is the the queen of dyeing yarn (and the one teaching the workshop) so I did whatever I was told.

Kersti seemed to be dyeing yarn to match her outfit. I don't blame her. A girl's got to look good in her surroundings.

A successful yarn pie, fresh out of the oven. (Seriously- it goes in the oven).

And finally, the fruits of our labour. We had all the neighbours talking. I even felt some of them might actually consider taking up knitting. I mean, why wouldn't they? They live next door to a yarn shop!

Just after we had tidied up, it hailed. Holy yes, it hailed. Like I've never seen before. After we finished up with our dyeing, we had a hail-ball fight.

Just kidding.

Call the shop if you're interested in dyeing some yarn with us on Sunday, July 13th. It will be another fun filled dyeing day (hail not included).