Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flowers and Felt

Sigh... I just thought you might like to see what's happening in "Mary's Garden" these days. Lovely- no?
I'm a sucker for pretty pink flowers.

Not only are the flowers budding, the projects are popping off customer's needles at a staggering rate. Look at these fantastic purses made by a customer! She made six of them originally but my Grandmother has already snagged two of them. I don't blame her! These things are heavenly. So heavenly in fact they were just too sweet not post here. They must be seen!

Yarn? Cascade 220 knit double strand.
Pattern? From Ella Rae's felted purse book.

Fun to knit, even more fun to accessorize with.
I think I'm in love.
I also think my purse collection is about to get bigger.
Excuse me while I cast on.


Anonymous said...

those purses are adorable.

Federal Way flowers

Anonymous said...

I love those purses! I love every single one of them and they're our closet's necessarity to match our outfits!
I can't wait to see what colour combo you come up with!!