Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Bitt-uh Baby

So, I've got a sweater for you- it just happens to be a sweater for a 2 year old. That still counts though. Right? Isn't it sweet? I just had a hoot knitting it. I had put it aside to knit on my holiday last month but I just couldn't resist it sitting there looking at me. So I cast on, knit the entire thing in about 3 days before my trip but then left the last arm until oh... a couple of days ago. I mean really...
This is how I operate. Catching on?

Anyway, it was knit from the top down and I just adore doing that. Really. If you haven't done it- do it. Such a good way to knit a sweater. Especially one like that. A plain and simple pull-over. And there is no back or front. The wee tyke can pull it on over their head whichever way they want and it makes no difference. The pattern even discusses how brilliant this will make the little person feel. They can get dressed all by themselves. Nevermind that their jeans are on backwards. Their sweater will make up for it.

So, you want the details?
Pattern- Cabin Fever Top Down Pull-Over
Needles- 4mm circular 40cm long
Yarn- Naturally Buttons EXACTLY 5 balls. (I literally had enough left over to maybe make a wimpy cat toy) colour #893

So, that's it. For now. There is more. But not today.
Enjoy the cool weather and your knitting.


Anonymous said...

I love this lynn! I cant wait to see the finished product when I visit the sale this afternoon. Im tempted to knit one. Do you think we need two babyless baby sweaters around?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn,
It's YOU!!! I am totally shocked when I read your comment and it's just lovely to read your blog as well! It's so cozy and warm to see your pictures with tons of yarn as jealous.
Happy knitting and see you around soon!
p.s. Guess what, you're in my favourites now!