Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Sale of a Party

For those of you that shop at the store, you may have received a newsletter informing you of the event taking place next week. For those of you that don't... I thought I would pass along the news.

Mary (the person, not the store) is turning 50 on friday! So that means that we're having a party over at Mary's Yarns in Unionville. Uh huh... a party with lots of ridiculously discounted yarns. What fun! I loooooove those kind of parties.

So, allow me to give you a run-down of what' s happening. The room that normally houses all of our 50% off stuff will be 'beefed up' significantly and anything that's blue (we mean solid blue, not with a bit of blue thrown into it) will be 25% off as it is the colour of sapphire, the birthstone of September.

On top of all that... if you knit a hat and bring it in for us to give to charity, you can get any one thing you please at 50% off as well! That means that book you've wanted forever will be half price... or those blocking wires you haven't really felt like splurging on- whatever your heart fancies at the store- it's yours.

So, I just wanted to put the word out there to those in the GTA that didn't know already. You have 6 days to whip off a hat. A happy-birthday-half-price-hat. My favorite kind.

Oh, and a note on that piece of cake- yes, chocolate is Mary's favorite flavour. In case you were wondering. I found the pretty little piece here.


MsTypo said...

Lynn, the knitted cake is wicked cute!! :D

Tell your mother happy birthday for me.

Siobhan in Kenya

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

thanks! i can't take credit for it... i should have probably given credit to the rightful knitter. i found it on the blog
i agree... it IS wicked cute!