Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kissing Summer Adios

Summer is now over, I have taken my holiday and we are well into September. The crisp weather has inspired me to kick things into high gear all around and I realize that perhaps this is one area of my life that I should consider doing that. So, here I am. Thanks for coming back and I hope you had a nice summer.

I shall slowly reveal the summer knitting that happened chez moi. Nothing too major as far as I know came off the needles, but little bits and pieces to keep me interested. My summer knitting always consists of lots of little things. Accessories... I love, love, love those. Knit or not. But this, is a knitting blog. So I will only reveal the knit ones. Until I completely run out of things to say. But that rarely happens.

So, I went to Italy for 2 weeks and all I knit was this little sock. The other one is almost done. I lovelovelove this stuff. Kaffe Fassett Regia. OOoooooo it's nice. I hadn't knit with Regia in forever and it's a treat. A real treat. Colour #4259.

I know it's pretty pathetic for having been on holiday with nothing to do but sightsee, eat and swim but I tell you, it was so hot that I lived on the beach, and I didn't have a beach chair. Knitting crosslegged on a beach in such heat just wasn't going to happen. So, I read. That's ok, right?

Onto other things, you may have noticed that I have a problem with finishing things... I love the knitting but when it comes to felting, sewing up, etc, I suck. Perhaps that's why I like socks! Just graft the sweet little toe and you're done. Anyway, my mom has the same problem but this summer we discovered that when we work together, we can actually get a project done. Huh. Fancy that. So, here is the result of us putting out needles together. A felted bag from Fleece Artist. It's one of her kits called Toto done by Purl Grey.

Who did what do you ask? My mom knit the handles, I knit the base and body of the bag and she felted it. What a team! It was a fun little project though. It would make a great little gift. Or... a great (ahem) sample for the store.

Ok. No more knitting for now. Just one last thing. Flowers? Come on. Indulge me a little. They won't be around much longer. Look what I pulled from the garden.

Take a whiff of that why don't you?


Unknown said...

love that sock yarn!! You know me & socks....!
I hope that you had fun in Italy!! I'd love to hear more about it.

Pax. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Lynn, Great to see your comments on my blog. I was waiting for your updated news in your blog as well. You went to Italy!! Wow, did you get any good deals (on yarn) over there?
If you like knitting socks, do you like Lorna's Lace? I am looking for these yarn in Toronto. Seems like, not so many stores carry this. (I didn't see this in Mary's Yarn neither.)