Monday, April 02, 2007

Welcoming Spring (and the end of my degree)

While the picture to follow isn't exactly full of spring colours and freshness, it has within it sun, no snow and a big welcome sign. That was put there, on my front step, as a welcome to spring once the snow has melted and the sun is shining. Well, that's what I would like to believe anyway. While we didn't have an altogether snowy winter out here Halifax, you get the point... right? It's nice to not have to wear my big winter coat every time I step out to take a wee stroll to buy milk.

The socks? Oh yeah. The socks. They're just... some socks... I made... throughout this madness called 'the end of school'. They are what has gotten me through these last few seminars and tutorials. I got the yarn in the fall in Mahone Bay at Have a Yarn. They are some Regia 'anniversary edition' yarn that was put on sale. Not exciting... but they'll do the trick.
They are currently on my feet, doing their job well.

Last weekend I attended a 24 hour knit-a-thon at The Loop in order to help make hats and such for various shelters in the area. While my efforts were somewhat fruitless, I did manage to get this lovely shot of knitters. Isn't that great? Look at them all click away.

So, enjoy your week. I shall be back soon, soon, soon.