Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Finished Objects and Knitting Babies

I finished something... like, really and completely finished something.
But, I am only going to disappoint you by saying... it is unavailable to be viewed until... SEPTEMBER! You see... it is for my mom's big birthday in September and since she checks this thing probably more than all of you put together... I just can't ruin the surprise.
But I'm so pleased with it, I couldn't go without at least mentioning it.
I am looking at it right now.

In other news, "Nova Scotia's Next Top Knitter" was born and here she is in all her wondrous glory. A wonderful knitting friend of mine just had her and I spent Sunday afternoon with her. I have big plans for this knitter, big plans. See how her hands have already assumed the 'holding knitting needle' position?

I see a star.

So in the midst of all of these exams, I am going to take a 'knitting shop' break and visit some of my Halifax yarn shop friends today. I feel I need a break from this room and those books.


Monika said...

Your comment worked. Good luck with your exams! Cute baby! ;o)