Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Mini-Sweater for Spring Dresses

I finished something ELSE! How thrilled am I? I am especially thrilled too because I can actually share this one with you! Now, this is something that I started a while ago but had thrown aside because I had to rip back a bit of it. It flared out at the bottom, much like I had been warned and so I had to rip it back and knit some darts in the back. But now, it fits in a lovely way and I even got to wear it out last night with my lovely blue dress with white polka-dots! If I had a decent picture of the whole outfit, I would indeed share it but alas... my camera seems to hate me. Each and every picture of me is... well, less than flattering.

Anyway, this yarn is the 'neon white' yarn I bought a while back when I went yarn shopping over my birthday weekend in November. It's the Blue Sky 100% Cotton. I love it. It's insanely soft.
The pattern is the Glampyre Knits 'Mini-Sweater', click the link for the free pattern!
I am in love with top-down knitting. I can't express that enough so, this was super fun for moi.
I think I'm going to knit it again... but this time in Needful Yarns 'Kim' or 'Kelly'. I want one in every colour.
So, that's it for me.
Time to go enjoy spring.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying spring! Realized that I always read and never comment.....great looking little top! I do think there are more attractive models available.

morgan said...

I love that pattern too! I get over excited though, and always want to change it (mine have needed the darts in retrospect). I forgot how sweet it is as-is! The white is so crisp and clean for spring. I'd like one in a loud spring green.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn ... just caught up on all your projects and I really enjoyed seeing them. What ever will you do with an entire yarn shop at your fingertips??

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn ... I just caught up on your lates projects and really enjoyed seeing them all. Whatever will you do with an entie yarn store at your fingertips??

Meghan Chapman said...

I love that you have a link to a knitted parasol! I saw that pattern and my little heart went pitter pattering away... I think we should both knit one and wander around looking like two very fashionable lunatics.

... come to think about it, that ought to be our new hobby!