Monday, October 09, 2006

The Baby is in Brown

I marched on home to Ontario for the weekend from Halifax, Nova Scotia to see the loved ones, eat a decent turkey and not feel weird about loitering in a wool shop. My-oh-my am I ever glad I went. Weather was perfect... Turkey was divine... The company, always entertaining.
One little friend in particular.

Meet Maggie, in the "daddy sweater" that I knit for her before she even graced this dear earth. I had yet to see it on her and I am glad to see that it she is putting it to good use. It's that time of year when most everyone in Canada needs a "daddy sweater".
Please note the crispy leaves in which Maggie is posing in.

Yarn: Pingouin "Le Yarn".
Pattern: A King Cole pattern I've long since lost track of.

I was going to knit yet another pair of socks this evening, but I think that I have convinced myself that everyone really does need a "daddy sweater". I'd better cast on. I don't have one yet.

More on what I've been knitting recently soon, soon, soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope that your turkey, weather and company was as lovely a combination as mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lynn; she's famous and on the internet -- so young ... so soon! Just wait to see the next picture I have of your little "daddy sweater". You won't believe your eyes but "necessity is the mother of invention" and Maggie really needed this invention. Now I have you wondering ...... and you'll have to wait until her Great-Auntie forwards the photo on to me and me to you!
Later! P.

helga said...

hy lynn,
what a lovely photo!
what is a "Daddy" sweater? can you post specifics, more people might need one.
i bet you had a lovely diner!your Mom did mention the dearth of left-overs, it must have been good!
i expect i will hear all the details tomorrow night.
take care!