Thursday, September 28, 2006

Felt for feet

I had the best of intentions when I bought the Cascade 220 for these lovely and always reliable felted clogs last week. I was going to get started on those Christmas gifts that I have made a million mental notes of. I was going to be one step closer to being done. Make less stress for myself when the season rolls around. You know???
So, I knit the giant things...

And I felted them...

and then when I put them them on and my roomate exclaimed how they matched my outfit today perfectly, how could I honestly put them in "to gift" pile?

I mean really.
Of course they're for me. They were all along.


Anonymous said...

HI Lynn

Back from a somewhat knitingless vacation...but lots of inspiration! Your clogs are great and don't forget...we wear the same size shoe.
M xo

Rose said...

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog, and for complimenting the yoga mat tote. I love the clogs you made. Where did you find such a great pattern?

lieblingsgarn said...

I'm with Rose - where did you get the clog pattern? Not that I have much need for them in Texas but my relatives in the midwest would did them! Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is great so I'll be back.