Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Need For Some Speed

Since the shop closed at the end of May, I can honestly admit to being VERY proud of how well I have stuck to my Soumak shawl. Not exclusively of course... as you have seen the few things that I have churned through other than the Soumak, but I have done pretty well. Actually, let me rephrase that- for ME, I have done well. When it comes to knitting... monogamy is not something that I feel too strongly about. But as it turns out.. not many knitters do. Which is exactly why I like knitters so much.

While I am loving every stitch and every colour of my shawl, I must admit- it is taking WAY longer than I could have ever dreamed possible. As in... it is safe to say that I have never devoted so much time to a project in my entire knitting career.

To be fair, it's huge. Like... MASSIVE. Which is exactly what I wanted! So who knows why I am so surprised. The needles are only 3.75 mm, and the yarn is not exactly what one could classify as a 'chunky' weight. So, yeah. That's what happens.

So how do you think I am going to keep myself motivated with this project?

You guessed it.

I am going to cast on a quick and easy project with a pair of 12.75 mm needles and watch something just FLY off the needles for a change of pace.

While patience is a virtue...

My Dad in the garden, also practising some patience

Instant gratification is sometimes good too. 


Anonymous said...

I'm like you, with lots of projects on the needles, especially when concentrating on one with fine wool and detail. LOVE the photo of your dad tending the garden too. Are you knitting another cowl?? ;o)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I understand exaclty what you mean - I just completed the Lestrange Cloak and it took way longer than imagined it would. You definitely need little projects to break it up

KnitTwit said...

I know that feeling of knitting something that takes forever! I've been knitting a laceweight shawl out of skinny alpaca yarn... it's turning out beautifully, and that's what keeps me going. But I've been working on it for positively years now!

And yes, that's exactly why I pick up fast and easy and finishable projects in between.

So what did I pick up? A scarf in skinny alpaca yarn (a gorgeous magenta!) with an intriguing lace pattern and beads... Le sigh! I'll be knitting for a while, yet!

Michelle said...

Quick and satisfying projects are wonderful for preserving one's sanity! :-D It's a delight, and so refreshing, to knit a larger gauge after a long tedious fine gauge project! I always have at least two projects going at once. Typically, I have more.

Lately, my problem hasn't been knitting, rather, finishing. I have a small collection of projects that need to be seamed, blocked and have the ends woven. I continue to ignore them and cast-on something new to distract me from what I should be doing. It's a bad cycle.

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous yarn! Can't wait to see what it turns into!