Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some Valentine's Day "Crafting"

It's no secret that my favorite holiday of ALL time, is Valentine's Day. I can't help it! I just... love it. The red, the pink, the sweets, the hearts... it's perfect. It's especially perfect at this time of year. Come on... what else is REALLY going on these days anyway? Not a whole lot other than... snow. And ice. And aren't we bored of talking about all of that already? It's about time that we focus on the bright and happy.

While in the past I have opted to do some Valentine's knitting (see here and here for documentation), this year I thought I would do some 'crafting' instead.

And while I have no issue with 'crafting' generally speaking... I have a hard time bundling knitting and crocheting up into this category. While non-knitters and big box craft stores might argue otherwise, I would like to go on the record as stating that our "craft", is in a league of it's own. But I digress...

Last year, a neighbour of Mary's Yarns posted a video on Youtube of a "DIY Woven Heart". I loved it, and mentally bookmarked it in my brain. And shockingly... I actually remembered and followed through with it this year.

On a recent trip to the Home Depot to pick up light switch plates and a new bathroom faucet, I also swung by the flooring department and snagged myself this big ol' square of wood. But not because I plan on laying flooring anytime soon...

But because I had an odd ball of Cascade 220 kicking around my house.

So, there you have it.

My very own version of a woven Valentine's heart.

What better way to use up that pesky ball of yarn that's just begging to be used?

Action shot at the shop
Should you be so inclined to give this a try out for yourself (or maybe even just mentally bookmark it for next year)... here is the video that inspired me to get all crafty in the first place.

Big thanks to the Blossom Girls for the inspiration.

And Happy Valentine's Eve to all of you.

Icicles at the shop this week

Surely when it looks like this outside, it can't hurt you to find a little love in your heart.

It's most definitely the cheapest way to stay warm this time of year.



Michelle said...

That is a great use for a rouge ball of yarn! It looks really cute displayed prominently in the window! And, the fuscia is a nice contrast to the grey/white of winter. Gosh, I cannot wait for the snow to melt and the sun to make more of a daily appearance. :-D HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY!

ms.tee.kay said...

THIS IS AMAZING! (truly worthy of all caps!) Such a beautiful heart :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Dayana Knits said...

Wow, I love that heart! Reminds me of spirographs I would make as a kid.