Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Public Service Announcement

This past Christmas, I unwrapped a yarn bowl. And I'm not going to lie... I was sort of like "Uhm... OK. That's weird. But a pretty obvious gift for a knitter like me, I guess."

I must confess... up until Christmas day, I had never used a yarn bowl before. Of course I had seen them, heard of them, and pretended to enthuse over them when people told me about them... but I really had no interest in acquiring one for myself.

But as I was coming down from my Christmas Day high while cozied up in my chair with a new project all ready to go, I reached for that yarn bowl and popped in my freshly wound ball of yarn.

And low and behold... it was like magic.

My dear friends and knitters... I eat my words. This beautiful bowl has quite quickly become my most beloved knitting tool. No knitter should be without!

No more am I allowing my yarn to roll around the floor all willy-nilly-like! It now stays in one place and smoothly provides me with just the right amount of yarn as my needles require it. No tangles, no knots, no crawling under the couch to retrieve a rogue ball. It's all there, right in one place- in my pretty purple bowl.

So go and buy yourself one. And then buy one for every knitter that you know! (That's the public service announcement I promised you in the title of this post). You will surely fall in love with yours, just as I have mine.

 Yarn Bowl by Rosemary Jenkins- potter extraordinaire

 As if working with yarn wasn't beautiful enough... a beautiful yarn bowl is just the cherry on the already VERY delicious cake.

It's so cold, it's PURPLE out there! Just like my yarn bowl...

Be warm dear knitters!


Anonymous said...

I haven't ever used a yarn bowl, but this looks lovely. And so much better than chasing balls of wool around the living room. The photo of the sunflowers is fabulous enough to make me want to plant a crop of them in the back corner of the yard, and watch the birds (and them) throughout the winter!

Meghan Chapman said...

This is nice! Does she make ones with lids? To protect the yarn from... four cats?

Michelle said...

Like you, I would never have thought to purchase myself a yarn bowl and didn't think I needed one, until it was gifted to me! The yarn your working with currently looks delightfully squishy!

Una said...

I like the humour in this. I can relate to chasing a ball of wool around the floor.

ambah said...

what a beautiful bowl - as well as practical. I just use a kitchen bowl for my yarn (it is a pretty one!) I keep fantasizing about a proper yarn bowl with the special groove for the yarn....though the kitchen bowl works fairly well.

Dayana Knits said...

I also have never used a yarn bowl and have looked side eyed at them quite a few times. Well, now I'm going to give it a second thought! Happy to find your blog through my own by the way, new follower here. :)