Wednesday, May 08, 2013

November Is Sweet, Indeed

Sometimes a particular knitting pattern sweeps across the shop. The staff are knitting it, the customers are knitting it... and in no time, I'm usually knitting it too.

As was the case with this one.

This pattern is titled 'Sweet November', named after a movie starring Charlize Theron in which she wears a shawl similar to this one throughout the entirety of the movie. While I have never seen said movie, I must confess that I was somewhat drawn to the name of this pattern.

"Oh, but why?" you ask. "It's far too beautiful out there finally to be thinking of disgusting November!"

Well... November is when my birthday falls, and while it's generally a pretty terrible month (weather-wise I mean), I do look forward to it. No matter how old we grow, deep down we all enjoy being in the birthday spot-light juuuuuust a little bit. Come on now- admit it! It's true.

Not only does my birthday fall in November, but so does my husband's as well as my brother in law's. And as it turns out, so does our wedding anniversary AND my parent's wedding anniversary.

It's a busy month in our household in which lots of cake is consumed, making November oh-so-sweet, indeed.

The extra 'sweet' bit about this scarf/shawl is that I happened to hear through the rumor mill that Charlize Theron's mom is the one who made the crocheted version(s) that actually appear in the film. You can even get your hands on one for a pretty $298.00 if you so desire.

Lucky for me, I saved a bit of coin by casting this on myself.

Who doesn't love to feel like they've walked away with a deal!?!?!?

I do love me some fringe!

If you can believe it... I might even have enough cash left over to splurge on the DVD.

I would be most glad to pass it your way when I'm through with it.

Cotton/Acrylic blend- perfect for Spring!

Details For All of You Charlize-Wanna-Be's Out There (Don't you worry- I totally fall under this category too)

Pattern- Sweet November Knit Shawl by Caryl Pierre (available for free!)
Yarn- Four balls of SMC Solavita in shade 2101 (close to one entire ball for the fringe)
Needle- 6mm Addi Lace (but I should have listened to the pattern and used a 6.5mm)

So while I would like to argue that November is indeed a very sweet month...

Cherry Blossoms in High Park last weekend

For now... I think I'll stick with May.


Michelle said...

It's so cool that Charlize's mom crocheted the scarf for the movie! That's a neat little piece of trivia. Your version of Sweet November is really beautiful. I'll be interested to hear how those fringes handle wear. I love the look of them, but I'm nervous I'm too rough to keep them from becoming a mess.

Unknown said...

I love your Sweet November. The fringe does make me nervous too but it is beautiful!