Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am Definitely a Copycat (So What?)

I have a friend who makes the most beautiful things. Every time she pulls her latest finished project out of her bag I think to myself "She's done it again! It's perfect!"

One project that stands out in particular is her version of Beth Kling's "Henslowe". Her version was done in a delicately soft shade of pink Swan's Island fingering, and as soon as our latest shipment of this yarn arrived at the shop, I had my skein wound and ready to go.

Life being how it is, I didn't get a chance to cast on until just last week. But let me tell you!!! Once I had my head wrapped around the elegant, yet simple patterning, there was just no turning back.

In only a couple of days I was cast off, blocked and ready to show and tell to you.

Admittedly, I would have liked this shawlette to be just a little bit bigger. But it's manageable.

Lucky for me, this was an absolute pleasure to knit (both the yarn AND the pattern), so the thought of re-knitting this is truly no big deal.

Lilacs and lace

At the risk of making a few enemies here, I must confess that I am not the world's biggest fan of lace knitting. I mean... I love knitting lace, but I just don't wear it all that much. Yeh know?

But THIS, I will wear.

Even if it is a touch too tiny.

Info for those of you interested in also copying my buddy Tara

Pattern- Henslowe by Beth Kling
Yarn- Swan's Island Fingering weight, 1 skein in shade 'Beetroot' (we have this at the shop!)
Needles- 4mm 80cm Addi Turbo

See? Small, but sweet.

And so my friends, I will leave you with a pointer in regards to making this shawl bigger, should you find the urge to do so.

It's a fabulously written pattern, and one that is SUPER easy to adjust the size on.

So if you're anything like me and hate reading ahead in patterns because you're just too keen to get cracking, I assure you that there is no tricky math involved in making this piece larger. So just do it. You can skip all the crazy math equations that are usually required to adjust the size of a project.

If math equations were involved, do you seriously think that I would be interested in making this any bigger!?!?!?


So my friends, life is pretty good. Not only do I now have a little shawl that I enjoyed the heck out of making...

The first peony showed her pretty face in the garden this week.

I'll cheers to that!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely - and great colour too.

Chrissy said...

I do like this shawl and knowing it is easy to increase the size definitely makes me more inclined to make it. The yarn you've used is delicious looking.

kristieinbc said...

That is a beautiful shawl, and I love the colour of the yarn. I am surprised it knit up so quickly - it looks complicated.

tktara said...

I LOVE IT! Wow what an amazing colour and it looks great on you! And of course, you have to know that I follow your lead on so many projects (and I even have the fuzzy novelty red scarf trimmed with blue eyelash yarn from the early days to prove it).

LolaK said...

It's gorgeous! AMAZING. I want to make it to your shop sometime. Xo