Thursday, January 03, 2013

Single, Solitary Knitted Christmas Gift

As it turns out, this just wasn't the year to knit for Christmas. I had big plans, but then again, I say that every year. Don't I?

This year, I managed to squeak out one pair of socks, aaaaand much to my dismay... that was it.

These socks began in the $10.00 bin at the shop, were cast on while in the car the day after our wedding (I love that I married a man who does most of the driving so that I can knit), and had grafted toes not too long after that.

We went to Collingwood for the two days following our big day, and while my man read a book, I laid almost horizontal on the couch and knit like the wind.

For those who aren't familiar with Collingwood, it's a lovely town north of Toronto best known for it's ski hill. Since we landed there in mid-November, we found ourselves being questioned by many of the locals regarding what the heck brought us to Collingwood when there wasn't a scrap of snow on the ground- a month that they refer to as "Slow-vember".

We were quite literally, the only ones there.

My answer?

Knitting time. Knitting time is what brought us to Collingwood.

And lucky for me, my sport of choice doesn't rely on that fickle Mother Nature of ours.

I finally had to chance to power through a really basic (but beautiful!) pair of socks- snow, or no snow.

Yarn- Lang
Needles- 2.5mm

And I even got to cross a Christmas gift off my list.

But just one. I didn't knit for my mom, I didn't knit for our adorable new nephew, I didn't knit for my sisters,  I didn't knit for my husband... instead, I knit these for my hot-off-the-press-new sister in law.

And I must like her a lot, because I even made an effort to match my stripes, which isn't something I normally do.

So close! Yet so far from matching...

And although I failed by just a few rows, I thank goodness the girl knows not to take that sort of thing personally.

I'm going to blame it on post wedding fatigue.

 And I'm also going to see how long I can milk that excuse...

Happy New Year everyone!


Colyn Martin said...

Those are awesome. I love the color!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if handknit socks are the prize, you can milk that excuse indefinitely! They're lovely.

ms.tee.kay said...

Beautiful - and wowowowow, you matched them up!