Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How About A Little 'Cheer Up'?

I have read that the third Monday of January is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. While it's now two days past that depressing date (thank heavens!), the weather this week has clearly proven to be anything but... cheerful.

Which works out well, because I have been saving something for you. Something cheerful. Something to brighten up even the greyest of days.

It's rainbow and it's crochet, all rolled into one.

 So if this doesn't make you smile, I'm afraid... that I can't help you.

I can't take credit for this. I am simply the VERY lucky recipient of it.

And on days like these, I can't tell you just how lucky I feel.

This was a wedding gift made by my dear buddy Tara. (You might recognize the name from this trip and that trip). And as it turns out, that Tara has got to be one of the most patient, and focused people I know.

The girl started 'granny-squaring' (or should I say 'granny hexgon-ing'?) as soon as we announced our engagement last May. And by mid-December, she had that blanket wrapped and ready to gift.

I have made a granny square blanket before, with bigger squares (which means less seaming), and not nearly as large in width. It took me the span of a few years and when I finally did finish with it, I refused to part with it. How she managed to package this up once the final end had been woven in is way beyond me.

Like... WAY beyond me.

In fact, she had this gifted to me within 24 hours of completion.

Had it been me, I would have kept it and gifted a gift card instead. A last minute decision perhaps, but that is exactly what I would have done- no doubt!

This speaks volumes of Tara's exceptionally giving character.

She's one in a million.
Yarn- A combination of
Sandesgarn Smart, Cascade 220 Superwash and Cascade 220

To read Tara's account of how this blanket (and the blanket hand-off!) all went down, be sure to check out her blog here. 

It's a good read.

I have already ready read the second installment of
The Hunger Games while all wrapped up in this beautiful work of art.
So thanks my friend! It's amazing! And it's days like this that we simply cannot thank you enough.
If opened up in it's entirety- this blanket is bigger than Ms. Tara herself!

Now go and do something entirely indulgent.

Because you entirely deserve it.



Michelle said...

It did make me smile! Thanks! It's been miserably cold and dreary where I am. I'd love to have that blanket to warm up underneath! Consider me jealous!

Lisa said...

Okay, both the blanket and Tara are adorable! :-)

Susan said...

She's really talented! I keep seeing more and more granny square blankets that I like, and may have bought some crochet hooks last weekend...

Monika said...

It's stunning! I love the colors. You are so lucky to have it!

ms.tee.kay said...

aw, thanks for the lovely post :) you're one in a million too!

Stitched Together said...

That is so beautiful. What a truly gorgeous gift. I love the pops of colour against the classy grey.

Colyn Martin said...

That is truly one of the most beautiful blankets that I've ever seen. What a work of art! You are indeed lucky.