Monday, September 10, 2012

The Week That Was A Whirlwind

Amazing how much can happen in a week. 

Really though. It is.

My sister finally tied the knot. And my family? We couldn't be happier.

No detail went forgotten

She certainly snagged herself a pretty solid dude.

So why wouldn't we be thrilled?

 My other sister made the trek from London, England and managed to wrangle her dear man into coming along for the ride.

This is one brave Brit- what a lot of family he met in a mere four days!
 And then my brother and I jumped into the car and drove ourselves out to Halifax so that he can begin yet another school year.

Bathroom break in New Brunswick

Interestingly enough, Halifax happens to be the same city that my sister and brother-in-law (Ugh! I LOVE saying that!) met. So you might say that the wedding celebrations continued onwards as baby brother and I made our way out east.


While it was a total whirlwind 22 hours in a city that is very near and dear to my heart, I did manage to swing a trip to one of my favorite spots- the Public Gardens.

Turns out that dear Halifax continues to be the same beautiful city that I remember it being.


You could say, it has been... a very good week.

But if you'll just excuse me for a moment.

I need a little nap here...



Anonymous said...

Halifax is a fabulous city. And what a wonderfully full way to finish off the summer for your family. Lots of new beginnings and family sharing. Best wishes to the newlyweds, and to your brother for his school year. Now, isn't there another (think italics) wedding on the horizon??

ms.tee.kay said...

Whirlwind indeed! That's like 3 whirlwinds! Beautiful pics :)

craftedlandscape said...

Best week of my life- although I had to miss a trip to Halifax! Thanks for posting!

craftedlandscape said...

Best week of my life- sorry to have missed out on Halifax though.
Thanks for posting lynn!