Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Boy Blue

There seems to be a trend right now that involves giving birth to baby boys.

While it's a trend that I'm not quite ready to follow (not just yet anyway), I am pretty thrilled to know so many adorable little men entering this world these days.

And how exactly do you think I am celebrating all of these little lives?

I'm knitting baby man sweaters.

Come blow your horn. The sheep's in the meadow! The cow's in the corn.

In blue.

I don't tend towards traditional in terms of colour when I knit for babies, but this case was different.
Maybe it was because the pattern showed the sweater knit up in blue. Maybe it's because the exact number of balls I needed were on the shelf (that's how yarn shop people knit- use up the colour that has the exact amount on the shelf, rather than rip into a new bag).

I'm not entirely sure. But this shade of blue spoke to me and as a result, a sweater was born.

Where's the little boy who looks after the sheep?

The recipient has yet to be determined. I'm going to let this little sweater shine in the spotlight for a while at the shop before making up my mind. There are a couple of really great babies out there who totally deserve this soft and squishy sweater, so we'll see.

Speaking of boys, I realize that I never told you that the man in my life became an uncle back in May! To a healthy and happy little baby boy- with flaming red hair! And lots of it! He of course, is in the running to becoming the owner of this sweater. A red head in this shade of blue?

Absolutely, heartbreakingly adorable.

He's under the haystack.
Fast asleep.

Fun Sweater Facts

Pattern- Finn's Cabled Baby Sweater by PollyMacc Designs (a new line of patterns for us at the shop!)
Yarn- Four balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in shade 71
Needles- 3.75 mm
Size- the smallest (Which as it turns out, I don't think can actually be considered 'newborn', as the pattern states. But bigger is always better!)
Bonus Prize? It's knit in one piece!

So my friends, the count down in our family is on. Only three more days until my sister says 'I Do!'

One never knows how these things will fall into place, but it just might not be too much longer before a baby boy joins our immediate family.

The Love Birds

Better keep those knitting needles knitting!



Pumpkin said...

Well with that shade of blue, I really don't think you are being too traditional, simply because most baby blues are pretty ugly, this one is perfect though! Beautiful work, and congrats for all of the excitement going on right now!

Renee said...

Ahh such a gorgeous little sweater! I'm totally jealous, there aren't enough little people coming into my world, and baby knitting looks like so much fun. Sounds like you're up for heaps of exciting family times :D

Sue said...

That is a lovely sweater, lots of boys in my world at the moment, but whats not to love. enjoy the wedding

Britney said...

what an adorable sweater! those cables are beautiful and well defined, and hey, that blue does just fine for it!

it sounds like a lot of love and excitement's happening around you right now, grats!

ms.tee.kay said...

beautiful - your cables are amazing!