Saturday, September 11, 2010

I KNEW I Chose this Polish for a Reason

A few days back as I was digging through my extensive nail polish collection to pick out my 'shade of the week' (don't laugh). I landed on this milk-chocolatey-rusty-cinnamon shade (how's that for a colour description?). After I had slapped some onto my nails I admired them (but only for a moment) until I realized "Gee Lynn... you really have kissed summer good-bye".

Where has all the hot pink and vivid read gone!?!?! I took myself by complete surprise. I felt like I didn't even know myself anymore.

That is until ... I walked into the shop and my mom asked me to close my eyes and hold out my hand. I did this with some hesitation (I always think that someone is going to put a mouse in my hand when that happens) but low and behold, there was no mouse. But a BISON-BAMBOO wrist warmer!

Holy heavens how wonderful!

If you recall... I am a total sucker for ensuring that nails match fingerless gloves. I knew there was a subconcious method to my milk-chocolatey-rusty-cinnamon madness.

The details? NO PROB!
Pattern? ACTUALLY! How about kit? Fibreisle's for "Zoe's Wrist Warmers" (we have them in the shop)
Needles? Whatever came in the kit! (Remember now, I didn't knit them) 2.25 perhaps?
Yarn? Again... came in the kit. BUT, it's Fibreisle's Bamboo-Bison blend in laceweight. So warm... and such pretty colours!

So I guess I didn't completely write-off summer afterall. I was just prepping for all the Fall accessories that are about to come my way.

Le Sigh...


Meghan Chapman said...

You must have known!

Anonymous said...

I need some of those. Lovely painted fingernails, AND the fingerlesss gloves. I lost my only, alpaca handpainted, ones last year up in snow country.

Anonymous said...

Look at how lovely those nails are....
You always do a nice job.