Friday, June 25, 2010

The Break-Up Blanket

Once upon a time, I broke with a dear boyfriend. It's ok though. These things happen and I'm over it now (although I appreciate the sympathy I just felt come my way from you).

I recall shouting out to a friend to do a wee demo for me on how granny squares were born. I figured a little round-and-round crocheting would do my body some good- and did it ever. She came to my rescue, and I crocheted my way through that broken heart.

Fast forward quite some time and I finally realize how littered my living room floor is with these granny squares. You know when something has been there for so long that you stop even noticing it's even there? Like... dirty laundry? Or a dead house plant? That happened with these squares.

Upon re-discovering these little morsels of crocheted goodness, I did a quick count and realized that I wasn't all that far off a decent sized afghan. So, I got back to it.

The squares I completed most recently were done at a slightly more relaxed tension as I wasn't nursing any broken hearts, but I'd say it all worked out in the end.

Wouldn't you?

It would seem that I am entering that phase in my life now where wedding invites are beginning to roll in more and more frequently. While I had considered packaging this up for a wedding gift, I can't imagine that a real friend would hand off a 'Break-Up-Blanket' as a wedding gift.
That's just cruel.
Soooo it's all mine.
And the yarny-good details??
Yarn? Cascade 220. 19 skeins total. 8 colours, 10 squares per colour. 2 skeins per 'set' of 10 squares (1 skein in the colour, 1 skein in navy border) plus that 1 extra skein of aqua I had to dip into for the double crocheted border. Ya follow?
The Hook? 4.5 mm
It's the cheapest therapy going- baby.

Not to mention, I'm cozier than I was before the break-up.
I'd say I came out on top.
Wouldn't you?

Happy beginning of Summer to you all!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lynn, I am not good at condolence friends but I am really sorry to hear your break up story! But you know, it's his lost...I am glad you can move on and share the story. You will find your prince one day and you two will be wrapped up in the blanket and surrounded by the Mary's yarns! How good is that.
Love the flowers...and yes summer is finally here. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

so lovely! makes me want to grab my hook and get to work :)


Anonymous said...

I think my break-up blanket is going to be knit, not crocheted. But it will serve the same purpose. And it is HIS/THEIR loss, for sure. KNIT & CROCHET ON!!

Yarns ... yarns ... yarns ... said...

I love your 'Break-Up Blanket", Lynn!! I can't tell you how much knitting has helped save my sanity over the years, and yes, I have a couple of "Break-Up" pieces that I knit in the past year as well!!

I hope you're feeling 'much' better now, with a little distance and your finished blanket! :D