Friday, January 08, 2010

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

My true love, (or in this case, my sister) gave to me....

A fabulously crocheted granny sqaure cushion!

Heaven knows that when I retire and have the time to finish assembling all those granny square littering my house that I'll have a blanket large enough to cover all of York Region... but a cushion!?!?!? Who thinks of that!!!

My dear wee sister- THAT'S WHO!

Not only did she crochet a cushion for me, but she also incorporated another fun-filled-fiber thing that I just looooooove.



Man. I have cool siblings.

The scoop?

She started it on a plane ride over to Scotland last summer using up bits and pieces of hand-dyed sock yarn and VOILA! This was the result.

How kind of her to gift it to me.

Although... let's be real here. I might be one of the few that actually has decor that will jive with this palatte.

And I'm totally ok with that.


Anonymous said...

Wow Lynn. Thanks for all the great street cred. Wish I had a blog ot post about my latest daily wear also made be a sister. Perhaps you can post it for me. Everyone else...expect big things.

Monika said...

I LOVE the pom poms! I'm thinking of making a big granny square blanket. I've seen quite lovely ones lately.

Anonymous said...

The pompoms rock. As does the cushion - fabulous colours! I expect to see you in a totally neon pompom scarf one day soon.....

Sharon said...

it would definetly jive with mine too!