Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Theme this Christmas? Bobbles

While searching through Ravelry in about oh... say, mid-December, I came across a great idea for this yarn. Yes, the yarn is Noro (Cashmere Island to be exact) and yes those are short rows and bobbles (hands down, my two favorite knitting techniques- I've just decided).

I whipped a few of these babies off just (and I emphasize JUST) in time for the the gift-giving season. One for my mother, and one for a friend.

Aren't they just a perfect little accent to any outfit? Perhaps I should have modeled it wearing something other than a t-shirt but if you know me, you know I wear scarves with tank tops.

Fashion before function my friends.

And just before the wrapping marathon began, my dear little sister and I did some modeling.

Wow. How charming are we?

Our t-shirts matched just too darned well to resist.

The yarn? Noro Cashmere Island. I JUST dipped into a third skein. For the blue one, I just used some of the leftover red yarn to finish the bobbles.
Needles? I used 5.5mm for the blue one, and 5mm for the red one.
Pattern? Huckleberry Ascot by Kat Coyle from the 2007 Holiday Interweave Knits.
Modifications? Yuppers. Nothing mega-major though. I found them to be a bit short so I added some length to both by about 20 stitiches.

And what did my dear modelling partner get for Christmas you ask?

The ol' standby.
She wears knitted socks everyday.
And for people like that in my life- I knit.


Meghan Chapman said...

you two are utterly charming!

Anonymous said...

That cute little scarf made an appearance at my place over the weekend - Liz wears it so well!

Craftlover said...

You two are so cute!
The scarves are very cute too. :)