Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Light as a Feather, and Warm as a Fur Coat

This was one of those projects that I just happened to cast on on a whim. Within a few days, it was done. I mean... it's not a complicated project- basically just a tube, but the yarn just made each stitch feel like a little piece of heaven. Isn't that what we all need in this country at this time of year?

And the finished product? Well, I'm a happy camper in regards to that. And what perfect timing! The snow is coming down, my current hat consistently gives me a fierce case of hat-head and we all know that from about mid-September to mid-May, I must have my neck covered at all times.
This covers all the bases.
And then some.

This baby is weightless. No joke. It takes about 10 minutes to float down to the ground if you decide to chuck it up in the air. What's not to love?

Pattern? FREE on Garnstudio's website. Pattern # 108-53.
Yarn? 3 balls of Drops Kid-Silk (two strands held together) in colour number 03.
Needles? 5.5mm for the ribbing, and 6mm for the main part.

Now I'm off to likely cast on my seventh new project for the week.
Oh dear.
It's only Wednesday... isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I saw this in your gallery, yesterday, and was searching through the archives to find the pattern. Hurrah - exactly what I needed. Now to check the stash for the warmest yarn. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn,

What a lovely neck/shoulder warmer! Love the colour and it looks gorgeous on you!

I was at Mary's Yarn the other day but I missed you!

Keep your needles matter it's one project, or 7's theraputic! Who cares if it's the 20th project!

Anonymous said...

Justin Bobby hood!!!!!

Is this really to keep your neck warm and covered, or for the store? It'd be a shame for you to be justin bobby hoodless....

Meghan Chapman said...

Good for you! This must mean that you have some spare room for yarn in your house... eh... eh?

Oh... Stratford seems to lack a yarn shop, how about a satellite location?!