Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Jazz"y Hands for the Holidays

I am about to pack these babies up and send them off to Halifax tomorrow. I just had to have a wee share with you before they disappeared from my life.

My Christmas knitting goal this year? To use up some yarn in my stash and make sweet little things that my loved ones would actually use. The recipient of these has almost worn out the felted clogs she got last year. Every knitter knows that once their hand knitting has been appreciated by someone, they can guarantee that they will receive more knitted gifts in the future. This lady deserves these babies.

OH! And what's with the nail polish? Well, what's a pair of fingerless gloves without a bottle of coordinating nail polish? It's my numero uno favorite brand of polish SPARITUAL in shade 80145 "Mindful". I wouldn't 'mind' a bottle for myself actually... (oh, I'm so hilarious).

This girl is gonna get stopped in the street once her hands get all dressed up for a night out on the town. Well, that was the plan anyway.

Isn't that just the craziest pooling you have ever seen? I mean... REALLY! While pooling usually frustrates the garbage outta me, I find this version kind of charming.

The yarn?
It's from my stash... and I bought it during a stressed out week of exams about, oh, uhm, three years ago. That doesn't answer your question, does it?

The pattern?
A FREE one from Monica's blog.
They're called the "Kyla" mitts and are found on the sidebar.
I've made so many of these, I could make them blindfolded in my sleep.
I swear.


Anonymous said...

The pooling is very cool. Great idea to add the nail polish. I'm going to try these mitts, and if I get stuck, I'll know who to come to! Merry Christmas.