Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hats are Happening Here

There has been a lot of hat knitting around here these days. Lots of it. Two winters ago I got discouraged because all of my hats were turning out either giant, or small enough to fit only a sweet little pin of a head. So, I found a solution- a sideways knit hat! That way, you just keep knitting until it fits your head, no matter how big or small it may be!
The pattern is from the Lang Denim book but is available at stores as a free tear sheet. I checked to see if the distributor had it posted on their site but not yet. Ah well. I love it. I have cranked out three or four of them at this point. The one in the picture is just a sample for the store, I made one for my sister, one for myself and then another one out of a different yarn that I wasn't so thrilled with. (Ok- so that's four then).

Yarn? Tosca
How much? Two balls.
Needles? 7mm

Why not get all trendy and wear it like this?
When I'm feeling trendy, that's just what I do.

This hat is knit from the Jane Ellison Mirasol book. I do love the yarn. Hacho. Holy smokes I love the yarn. The hat turned out a little small so I made it a bit bigger but had to dip into a second skein. Ah well. It's only $7.99 a skein so that's not so bad. Such lovely and soft merino though. Just lovely.

So, that's it for today. Now I'm going to put on my hat and clear the snow off my car. Am I ever glad I didn't give up on hats forever. I knew I would one day find another pattern I loved.
I love.


Anonymous said...

Im loving my hat! esp. these days. Dont leave the house without it. It's especially good over my ponytail. Many thanks,
-the sideways hat sister

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn! Thank you for sharing this great idea of knitting a hat! They're so smart! And guess what's on my needles right now....a beret hat! I'm kind of busy these days so I haven't got a chance to pop in lately. I hope I can come in and catch up with you soon! By the way, LOVE your web site for the Mary's yarn! It's great and I had already bookmarked it! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey! I started that trend! My hat always hangs that way!

Anonymous said...

hearts are happening here