Sunday, January 13, 2008

First some Knitting, then some Mr. T

First off, let me show you some knitting. I have plenty of it... Especially seeing as I have spent the past month knitting and doing family/holiday/travelling stuff and clearly, not blogging stuff. It's been nice but it's time to get back to this. Because- I like it.

So, I will start by showing you a year late Christmas gift. I gave a friend one clog last Christmas, and finally got around to giving the other this Christmas. I love these things and I think, I especially love this pair. I'm glad I love my friend because it was far too tempting to keep them for myself. I did them out of Galway and have decided that is my #1 favorite stuff to felt with. I have felted with plenty of yarns before... but for me, this one wins.

I am going to stop with the finished projects talk for this post because if I continued with all that I have knitted in the past month, this post would be never-ending. Instead, I'll save them and make some more posts throughout the week. I must share one quick thing with you though before I sign off entirely.

My mom and I went to TNNA this past week in Long Beach, California. It is a tradeshow for shop owners where classes were taught, a marketplace was open with 800 vendors and knitting and needlework people were happy. It was a super trip and we have come back with lots of new ideas, and new inspiration.

The marketplace was overwhelming at points, but thrilling through and through. I would have taken a picture of it for you but I don't think I was allowed to, plus I had left my camera at the hotel to lighten my load. Here is a 'beach shot' instead- just in case you didn't believe that I actually went.

I had the opportunity to take a class with Cat Bordhi and Kaffe Fassett- both wonderful teachers. If you ever get the chance to take a class with them, take it.

But, the highlight of the trip?

My encounter with the incredible Mr. T. I apologize for not having some knitting in my pocket for him to pose with. It would have been... entirely priceless. Next time.


Anonymous said...

get out! you ran into mr. t at tnna?!? how awesome is that! glad to hear you all had a great time there. the precious vesper has arrived -- will bring by at the end of the month :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lynn, clearly you are the coolest, hanging out with Mr T.

MsTypo said...

You met Mr. T?! That is so wicked cool!

But does this mean that B.A. Baracus is a closet knitter? !

Craftlover said...

You met him.. woooooW!