Saturday, September 16, 2006

My dishes are gonna be soooo clean

Meet my new obsession.
I don't know what it is about these. These Mason Dixon dishcloths are addictive little things! Wow. Could it be that they can be whipped up in an evening? Could it be that they are terribly useful? Could it be that you can get the yarn is such phenomenal colours to spice up your otherwise plain-soft-green kitchen? Who knows!?!? But over the past few weeks I have been cranking these things out like dishwashers are going out of style.
They make great little gifts and are ever-so-useful.
I knit things in obsessive crazes and this appears to be one of them. My usual sock fetish seems to have subsided for the time being but I have faith that once the Christmas season rolls around, I will hop right back on that bandwagon.

So, having knit numerous, numerous dishcloths as of late, I decided to switch it up the other night. I just didn't want to stop knitting and at the end of the evening... I ended up with THIS.

See what I mean??? It's SO FUN. Ugh.
There is a significant size difference between this lovely creation and the above ones and it is...
SO handy! Wow. Just wow.

While strolling through a Value Village in Quebec City last summer, I stumbled across a fantastic bag of buttons for a whopping $1.99 and of COURSE splurged. What did I find in that little bag of buttons you ask??? This wonderful vintage creation.

I think that in this case, you may have to trust my word and not my camera on it... but it's just as wonderful and vintage-y as you had hoped. I'm sure of it.

So ladies and gentlemen, I think that I have found a use for that whopping bag of buttons.
Place your orders now.


Ben said...

You're a blogger sister and I'm your fascinated and impressed brother. Your site pretty much rocks my world. Happy posting, Ben.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn!!!!

I love it! Thanx for sending me your link...of course you know how much I love to knit, so I love your site!!
Hope all is well...let's get in touch soon.

pax. xo Sharon

Anonymous said...

Lynnnnnn, your blog is so ridiculously cool! all the wool is making it pretty hot! marcus is a blog master and you're his little knitten kitten...i lov it! mazel tov!

Anonymous said...

Salut Lynn
Je te félicite pour ce blog! J'aime beaucoup tes tricots pour la cuisine, j'en ai aussi et je n'utilise plus que ça car j'aime le toucher.
Je me réjouis de voir la suite et je t'embrasse Elsbeth

Anonymous said...

Hey there seetah!
Very nice knitting blog you have here! Wow you are just chugging along with those projects O how proud i am. Hope Halifax it treating you well. Keep Knitting.
<3 Emma your fellow family member

Anonymous said...

dear miss mary lynn

Just finished the dishes from your bro's big 15th bd party....sure could have used one of them dishrags!
You have inspired me to get off the computer and get knititng!! By the way...where do you buy your yarn?

love ....yer proud mommaseeta

Monika said...

Hi Lynn, I'll be making socks (for Hannah) with my self dyed yarn. I saw your wonderful blue sleeveless top before, it's really great. I'll be back to see what you are up to. Oh, and I'm over my MD ballband dishcloth phase, but it was fun while it lasted.