Monday, April 08, 2013

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Baskets

A while back, my mom planted the seed in my head that we needed to do a yellow themed display at the shop in order to reassure people that Spring was most definitely on the docket. While a late Spring may be good for sales in the yarn industry, anyone who doesn't dream of Spring in this country must have some sort of a screw loose. Even if their livelihood does depend on it.

So last weekend (that would be Easter weekend), with Spring on my mind, I wound up a skein of Butterfly Super 10 in the brightest yellow that we had, and I got hooking.

It seemed crazy to start making baskets on Easter weekend... but I never was one to plan too far in advance.

So by the end of the weekend, I had not one, not two, but THREE little baskets in a row.


I also had the feeling that I would never be able to fully uncurl my fingers out to high five anyone ever again.

As it turns out, crocheting that yarn on a 3mm hook will do that to a girl. 

Besides, no one wants a basket with 'drape'. Let's leave that to the cowls, shall we? We want a basket that has no problem standing at attention!

Sorry. Fake flowers are sort of against my religion... but this is what our late Spring has brought me to!

The end result however, was most definitely worth it.

One look at those baskets and OH yes, Spring has sprung.

As is often the case with me and crochet, I totally binged on these baskets. One just wasn't enough. I had to keep going and going and going... until I hit a wall. That's how I roll with this craft. I skip out on sleep so that I can finish up just one more inch, or one one more ball of yarn and then BOOF.

I'm over it.

I feel good though. Like my hunger has been satisfied.

That crocheting beast within has been tamed- for the time being. Time for her to kick it into hibernation mode for a while.

I assure you however, that when she's ready for another round, you will hear her roar- loud and clear.

Crocheter's Details

Pattern- Churchmouse Crocheted Baskets
Yarn- Butterfly Super 10. Two skeins of yellow did the whole set, and the contrast colours were just bits and pieces that I found throughout my home. (You heard me- throughout my home).
Hook- 3mm (the pattern calls for 3.5mm, but I found that to be too floppy for this yarn and my tension).

And should you need just one more indication that Spring has sprung, I urge you to look closely at this photo.

Yellow crocus at the shop

So leave that Wiarton Willie alone- will you???

He was just saying what he thought you all wanted to hear.


Michelle said...

I LOVE the baskets! These are such a great way to display yarn in a functional way! I could use something similar for at home. And, the yellow definitely makes me smile and dream of sunshine.

Lorna said...

I love all of them, they are so bright and cheery. but alas I do not know how to croche :(

Lorna from Scarborough

Kaiya said...

I love how bright and cheerful the baskets look! Do they really stand up on their own?

Meghan Chapman said...

These are adorable! Well done...let's cheer for spring!

Jennifer Hays said...

I love them! They're very cheerful and sweet.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

They most certainly do! I just had to work them at a super-dense tension.

Anonymous said...

You might want to start knitting snowmen, given what it's doing out there right now!! LOVE the baskets, but I don't really like crocheting. Now KNITTING some baskets is a thought...