Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day To YOU

Today is the day- my favorite holiday of the entire year. Everything is red and pink, each bowl is filled with sugar and there is simply no excuse NOT to buy flowers. I just... love it. It's exactly what the world needs in the middle of an otherwise rather dreary month.

So to celebrate my favorite day, I thought that I would crank out (yet another) striped baby sweater.

Pink, red, stripes, and some little heart buttons.

Little heart buttons that found their way into my stocking this Christmas, courtesy of my sister Emma.

Precious- right?

But do not let this sudden onslaught of baby knitting allow you to think that perhaps I might be pregnant.

Because... you would be sorely disappointed.

Much like "Auntie Emma" was yesterday when she discovered that my text to her which included a photo of this sweater using her buttons was NOT in fact a baby announcement.

So, sorry folks.

No babies baking over here.

But that doesn't mean I can't knit for babies- does it?

Lovey-Dovey Sweater Facts
Pattern- Striped Baby Cardigan by Debbie Bliss,  from her book Baby Cashmerino 2
(this is the fourth time I have knit this, so I don't expect too much of an applause over it).
Yarn- Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, 2 balls each of shade 601 (baby pink) and shade 700 (ruby)
Size- 6-9 months
Needles- 2.75mm and 3.5mm (I always bump up my needles when I knit with this stuff)
Recipient- The invisible baby that lives at Mary's Yarns (meaning... it's a store sample)

That imaginary baby is going to be one festively dressed little creature today.

As for what I am wearing... that goes without saying.

Happy Valentines Day dear knitters.

May your day be nothing but 'sweet'.


Anonymous said...

The sweater is so sweet, Lynn. Happy Valentine's Day to all the knitters out there. I guess I should put some pink on my needles, right?

Truly Myrtle said...

Very very cute - it just needs a baby ;)
I can't go past stripes - but I hardly knit them?! That a has GOT to change...

Michelle said...

HAHA. I constantly am reassuring people that I'm not pregnant, even though I am always knitting for babies. I just love to knit for them, and I know a lot. :-D This set is AMAZING. Those buttons are completely perfect! Happy Valentine's Day.

Monika said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Stripes are always adorable on babies. The cookies look delicious too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

cute baby set!

ms.tee.kay said...

oohhhhh so sweet! The sweater is the sweetest and the whole ensemble makes me swoon!