Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bride Brain

I swore that it wouldn't happen to me. I swore that I wouldn't let a wedding take over my life, but it seems to have somehow done just that. I realize that most brides make a little personal promise to themselves that they won't let things get out of control, but they always do.

As much as I am enjoying the process (I do love to plan a good party!), I am a touch grumpy about how much time it is taking away from my knitting. Not only that, but also the brain power. I am having troubles stringing together a proper sentence it would seem, let alone knit anything beyond the basics.

I guess I could also blame the heat, but let's be real... it's the wedding. Not the flaming hot, hot heat that has recently ensconced the Greater Toronto Area. Because if it was the heat... I wouldn't be knitting what I am knitting at the moment.

Which leads me to my current project.


Garter stitch.

Miles and miles of beautiful alpaca garter stitch.

I cast on this garter stitch about two weeks ago as a solution to my bride brain problem. I wanted something that I could pick up and put down easily without much mental effort.  I can surf the web, read papers and chat on the phone, all whist clicking away.

My thoughts on this garter stitch project at about the halfway point however?

It's humbling.

Really humbling.

Because despite casting on what I considered to be one of the easiest projects on the planet, it's not perfect. It's really far from perfect in fact.

And something tells me it's not the bride brain that's causing this.

It's just the nature of the garter stitch beast.

So a big thumbs up to all you beginner knitters out there working on your first garter stitch project.

I have nothing but mad respect for you.

I promise you that stocking stitch is a heck of a lot more forgiving.

No word of a lie.


Pumpkin said...

I can only imagine the amount of stress you must be having to fight off. I think that going to a knitting project is the best thing you can do! Honestly, the garter stitch is looking pretty darn good from here ;)
Good luck, you can do this!

ms.tee.kay said...

so true - garter stitch ain't for the weak of heart!

Anonymous said...

have you had a look at the MOB's cast on lately?
we're all humbled these days...but what a great reason....
what will we use as an excuse after the wedding?

Anonymous said...

Awww - so sweet to witness your "bride brain". Enjoy, Lynn. It passes so quickly.

Truly Myrtle said...

That's why I'm only getting married once....
I love the look of your alpaca garter - but you're right, it isn't terribly forgiving :)

Kathleen said...

OH dear - I was just thinking of casting on a garter stitch project but now you are making me second guess myself!

Meghan Chapman said...

My only advice is, don't turn to mars bars for support whilst planning a wedding