Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Because It's Never Too Early For Wool

This past weekend, Mother Mary and I made the trip up to Ottawa to take part in a shower to celebrate my sister's upcoming nupitals. (She is engaged to a darling man who reigns from our country's beautiful capital- just in case you wondered what the heck we were doing throwing a shower for her all the way up there).

It was a quick trip- up Sunday and back Monday. While seeing my dear sister being showered with love was more than worth the miles travelled, it didn't hurt that we managed to end our trip with a quick (way too quick, if you ask  me) pit-stop here.

Now, how badly do you want that sign for your front lawn!?!?!
My mom had been here before several years ago and picked up some beautiful sheep skins for all of us for Christmas that year. Mine lies next to my bed and is the first thing I wiggle my toes into each morning.

Nothing like starting your day off with a full dose of wool...

Now that's what I call a delivery of wool!

Which is exactly what we did.

We felt riiiiiight at home.

Bales and bales of wool
Mary is a 'get up and go' kinda girl, so we found ourselves on the road rather early. Too early to browse the retail yarn and wool goods shop. Lucky for us however, this operation is host to more than just one store... They also sell sheep/wool faming supplies! 

For those of you who weren't aware, farm supply stores open really early. Like... early enough so that nuts like us who want to shop before 9am still can. I guess they think that only farmers get up early... and knitters don't? (This is the real reason why Mary opened her own shop you know- she wanted to go yarn shopping at 6 am and had a hard time finding a shop that could accomodate that).

So, we went shopping really early in the morning for wool farming supplies (heaven only knows that we don't need more yarn!)- and fortunately, we were able to get our hands on another sheepskin for a darling new baby that we know and love.

Nestled among the sheepskins were other neat things such as sheep shearing posters.

And tags for sheep. 
Sheep earrings

Everything sheep-y you could possibly ever need or use, if trying to raise your own wool.

I'm thinking that perhaps Mary's Yarns should consider expansion? Mary could work the early morning shift.

And I could drive a truck like this.

Beautiful clematis at the TBG

Happy knitting, knitters!


RobinBrz said...

What a wonderfully wooly experience! I love those soft sheepskin. We had seat covers for the car which were great in the winter. (not so much in the sticky summer though!)

Pumpkin said...

That sounds like such an awesome trip! I would be in heaven there. I've also never seen bales of wool before, woah, imagine the possibilities!

Zenitude said...

Such an interesting place! Thanks so much for sharing.