Monday, February 13, 2012

Crocheting In The Kitchen

Valentine's Day is absolutely my favorite holiday of all time- I'd give up Christmas for Valentines. (Er... ok. Maybe not. But I'd certainly give up New Years.) Any excuse to combine red and pink and eat sweets until your teeth ring, I'm there.

This past Friday after work, I decided that I had better start preparing for my favorite day of the year and throw some heart shaped cookies in the oven.

As is often the case when I start to bake, I had all of the ingredients in the bowl, ready to mix until I realized that I was missing just one stupid ingredient. Not wanting to waste what was already all mixed up, I threw on my boots and schlepped out the door to my closest grocery store.

As I was shuffling through the aisles in my Friday night haze, (Friday nights just aren't what they used to be, especally when you work on Saturday), I stopped dead in my snowy tracks.

There was a giant piece of crochet... in the dairy section.

I felt as though my working life was blurring with my uh, Friday-night-grocery-shopping-life and I had to blink once, twice, thrice... before I realized it wasnt a mirage.

I have heard of (and even seen, thanks to some customers) these crocheted milk bag sleeping mats, but never had I seen one in the grocery store. Turns out that my local Sobey's collects milk bags for those willing to crochet them up to make mats to send to Haiti. If you're interested in donating milk bags, or crocheting mats, let me know! I know of a Sobey's location that can help you out...

What a treat it was to see my two worlds collide.

And speaking of treats...

Happy Valentine's Eve!


craftedlandscape said...

Ha! I love that you even got the dairy fridge in the shot! Thats awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'll spread the word about the milk bags, Lynn. Can we drop them off at Mary's Yarns?