Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heather To The Power Of Two

I was in the shop last weekend, just going about my business (which is of the yarn variety), when my sister and her adorable man-friend stopped by to pay me a visit. This is always a nice treat, especially since they live waaaay out yonder in Kitchener (but thank goodness a move to Toronto is in the near future for them!!!)

I noticed that my sister had a plant in her hand, which prompted me to feel badly rather quickly... she had gifted me a chili plant not more than two weeks before! I just can't keep up with the girl`s generosity...

But that feeling of guilt quickly transformed into happy screams and yelps when I took a closer look at the heather plant that my sister (whose name also happens to be Heather), plopped into my hands.

The neighbours truly must have thought I was being murdered (although I do find it interesting that no one came to my rescue...)

Look right down in there now...

Heather was the only one of us four 'kids' to be named after a plant, and the only one to pursue a career in the 'plant' world- so just keep this in mind when naming your kids

For those of you that are having a hard time picking up what I'm laying down... let's just say that the heather plant they presented my parents had a tag that said 'We're getting married'.
They're gettin' hitched.
And this is awesome.

Absolutely awesome.

And for those who might be wondering, the answer is 'yes'. My Mom did have a wedding shawl on the needles within minutes (no joke).

Besides, this is a 'knitting blog' afterall. I would have kept this news to myself if there wasn't some sort of a tie in. (HA! Right...)


Kathleen said...

That's a FABULOUS story! :) What a great way to share the news and ask you!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Heather wins big props from me for keeping it to herself long enough to buy plants and paint signs. No such restraint in my world. Minutes later people were told and maids of awesome were asked by phone. This way is WAY more blog worthy! Would you like me to pass on my mitten patterns to her? HA! Oh! Also - while I'm thinking of it (though completely unrelated) what kind of blocking board do you use? Congratulations on the big news!

KathleenC said...

Make that TWO Kathleen's that love this story.
I noticed the card did not ask if you would knit her a wedding dress!! :)