Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Woolen Welts and Straw Hats

I have made it quite clear here once or twice before that my feelings for Jared Flood are stonger than they probably should be. But I am not afraid to re-state that fact here.

Especially after casting off yet another one of his wonderous pieces.

And while it might be too toasty outside to wear a cozy cowl, it's never too warm to knit one.

So, that's what I did.

Should you be wondering- this hat was one my Grandpa bought himself in 1961. Trendy guy, eh? 

Pattern? Setzer by Jared Flood aka Brooklyn Tweed
Yarn? Naturally's Harmony 10 ply (this seems to be my current go-to yarn for accessories)
Needles? 5mm 60 cm Chiaogoo Red


While it looks like lots of lovely welts while wearing it, to lie it out flat gives a whole different story thanks to my favorite knitting technique in existence- short rows!

See the curves and winding bands? Looks kind of like a gentle ski slope? (My favorite kind of ski slope...)

It's a little secret that only you will know until you yank this little number off and toss it on the hall table.

I do love finding little secrets in other people's knitting.

And while peony season is now behind us (where IS this summer going? I ask)...

It never hurts to look back on days in the garden gone by.


Nadja said...

Love it!