Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November in Review

This past month has come and gone at a rapid-fast pace, and I felt that point form was the best way to catch up with my knitting blog buddies. I have for you both knitting, but mostly non-knitting news.

-I went to Florida and got a bit of a sunburn, making my skin peel. I also knit myself a sock.

-My precious parents celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. A party was thrown, but more importanty- somebody amazing made an equally amazing cake (in honor of the amazing couple).

Anyone who knows my parents, knows how perfect this cake is.

-I became uber obsessed with hats. I made a couple, but have more than a couple on the needles currently. This will make for more blog content where you have to look at my face as I awkwardly wear the freshly knitted hat. Perhaps I should hold a casting call. Our model is getting a little stale.

-I turned 27. No big deal, but I did start using under eye cream. I'm told my time has come. Better watch it with those sun burns.

Thumbs up for a homemade-personalized-Grasshopper-Birthday-Pie!

- I rediscovered my lava lamp. Am I ever glad that I kept that thing in my parent's barn all those years! TOTALLY worth the storage space.

-I finished two pairs of socks in one week. This might be some sort of record for me and my DPNs.

-I discovered the 'Shellac' manicure- and I will never be the same.

 -I took someone's hand-knitted-sock virginity- and he will never be the same.

- I re-discovered my love for point form notes.


Anonymous said...

How much are you missing Florida in this crappy wet weather? I'm missing it A LOT! I'm coming to see you once the Christmas knitting is over and done with. I need your genius thinking cap - I'm looking for brilliant wedding party gifts, knitters style. I'm thinking socks... but I could easily be persuaded to another brilliant idea. Go!

Anonymous said...

What a great review. Happy anniversary to your wonderful parents - the cake IS perfect. Two pairs of socks knits? I need some of that knitting mojo here. And love the photo of Florida - well done (except for the sunburn...).

Anonymous said...

Ha! Loved one of your most recent pictures, BUT I think the pie looks sooooo yummy!

Nice knitting, Lynn. Love to catch up with your blog.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... my homemade mess of a yummy pie made your blog -- LOVE IT