Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Little Knitting Relic

Well fancy that! After discovering that embarassing old journal with all my knitted socks documented, I happened to also uncover the first pair of socks! It's almost as though they were book marking those pages! These ones would be the "1st ever! Red, green, orange and yellow Peace Fleece" that I documented. I seem to think I was about 12-13 when these babies were born. I have memories of wearing them with my stunning navy blue Doc Martens which I purchased from a church rummage sale when I was in grade 7- so that fits.

My mom had a basket in the basement full of bits and pieces of Peace Fleece wool/mohair. I had a hankering for a good sturdy pair of boot socks, as well as a hankering to learn how to make them! So, this was the result.

I seem to recall using THIS pattern that was ripped out of an issue of Canadian Living, and while I remember very little about the pattern itself, it clearly did it's job- because it resulted in a pair of (albeit not matching) socks!

And the yarn was Peace Fleece. Likely not the best choice for socks as it is not a superwash, but for me at the time (and many times since) it was about colour, and not practicality.

Well would you look at that! Seemingly my feet didn't grow into the same size as one another until the latter part of puberty.
And so dear knitting friends, I appreciate you allowing me to show you these little treasures dug up from my basement. Back to some current knitting content after the long weekend.
There is lots to be told.
Whoops! This incident has not deterred me from knitting in red one bit.

Enjoy the warm weather, and sunshine! Happy long weekend to you all.